Empowering Better Investment Decisions


Market I-Q is a resource dedicated to helping you make better investment decisions by changing the way you think about investing so you can spot key turning points in the stock market. It does not matter whether you are making your own investment decisions or whether you are making them on behalf of others. We take a holistic approach to understanding the stock market. The stock market is a reflection of more than a series of aggregate earnings per share estimates. The stock market reflects history, policy, banking conditions, technical conditions, philosophy, psychology, fundamentals, risk, etc. All of these conditions ultimately affect the fears, the greed, the motivations, and the trade-offs of the five constituent groups - consumers, businesses, policy makers, bankers, and investors - that determine whether the market goes up or down.

Successful investing requires asking the right questions, learning from history, understanding the pressures and motivations of policy makers, knowing your own weaknesses, being aware of your own biases, having multiple perspectives, being disciplined, having a strategy, knowing when to be patient and when to take action, and having a clear focus. We are dedicated to helping you change your pre-wired decision making processes that lead to suboptimal investment decisions.

Conquering the Bull and the Bear: A Holistic Approach to Profiting in the Stock Market is a book written by Tim Nguyen that spells out how to evaluate socio-political and economic conditions. Without an understanding of the macro-environment in which all investments are influenced, it is impossible to have a clear perspective of the future of market direction. Tim also writes about the idiosyncracies of market behavior that all investors must understand because they give clues to what the market may be setting up for, and just as importantly, what the market may not be setting up for. Market I-Q, through books and other writings, will empower you to make better investment decisions. Please explore the website to find out more about the book.
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